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Located on 54 acres of beautiful rolling hills with numerous play areas, our boarding facility is your dog's favorite home away from home.


Climate Controlled

$40 for one dog per night ($35 for each additional dog's that can stay in the same kennel)

Our indoor, climate controlled, facility offers redundant hvac systems to ensure guests feel as if they are inside their home. Each kennel has a raised bed for some much needed rest between walks and play sessions outside.


Open Air 

$30 a night per dog

Open fresh air kennels! If your pup enjoys being outside they will love our converted pole barn. Our industrial curtains allow your pup to enjoy the beautiful days and fresh air while still being protected from the elements.


Boarding Add Ons

Frozen PB Kong


Nature Walk

Daily Photos

Report Cards 

Our Play Yards


What Vaccines Are Required For Boarding?

Rabies, DHPP, and Bordatella are required at our facility. Due to the bordatella vaccines being a live strain of the virus, whcih can cause your dog to show symptoms with in 7-14 days, we ask that your dog  get the vaccine no sooner than two weeks prior to their stay.


How Much Play Time Does Your Dog Get?

Every dog gets a minimus of three 30min outside breaks. Dogs who show good temperaments and have a signed play waiver will get to take their breaks with their assigned play group.


What Time Can You Drop Off and Pick Up?

Owners are welcome to drop off and pick up anytime between our business hours. However, we do ask for owners to pick up after 2pm if they have requested a bath. We do accommodate for early drop offs and pick ups as long as it is schedule.


What Should I Bring For Boarding?

The only things required for your dogs stay at our facility is food and shot records. We provide beds, blankets, bowls and toys.


Contact Us


(678) 633-2259



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